My main site is used to provide background on who I am and to promote the web and graphic design side of my business.  I have opened an Etsy store to use for craft sales.  Some products are available for immediate purchase.  Others can be ordered and made on demand or with custom details. Check out my new Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlackWebDiva
Unless you have been informed otherwise, all websites designed by BWD are created using a content management tool.  This allows you to open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and go to a specific address to log on to your web site and begin making the changes you need.To access your log in screen, go to your website address and type "?q=user" after the trailing slash symbol.http://www.yoursite.com/?q=user Replace "yoursite.com" above with your actual site address.
Following is a list of rate estimates for some of the services we provide.  All prices are subject to change, based on the findings of a thorough requirements gathering process.  Detailed estimates will be provided, based on your individual site needs. Our goal is to meet your business needs at prices that reflect the quality of work that clients of BWD should expect. Website design and maintenance services: New website design $1000 You are creating a website for the first time and need a bit more assistance in crafting the most appropriate content to meet your brand goals.Website redesign $
If you are completely new to creating a website for yourself, there are a few steps you will need to take to get set up.  The essential first steps include: Register your domain:  This is a way of reserving the name you want to use for your website.  The most commonly used addresses for commercial websites end in .com.  You must reserve a unique name.  This can be accomplished through your website hosting service (next step).Find a website hosting service:  This is a company you pay to host the machines on which your web files will be saved and displayed for
Yes.BWD designs and creates your site but enables you to create, add, delete your own content.